​Sometimes i feel im not good enough

For the good stuff

Is it only negativity 

Or actual acceptance 

Its sad to wonder such

Thinking your not worth much

Put me down like an old dog

Cause i ain’t got any new tricks 

Forget me like an old toy

Because i no longer bring joy

Aren’t you sickened by my presence

I feel like life is better with my absence 

Its Nothing suicidal 

Its the thought of value 

And i value you but am i valued 

Or am i just the giver…

As I marinate on my emptiness 

Living seems kinda hopeless 

Fear of never making it

Living life worthfull or worthwhile 

Have a family and and a genuine smile 

This fear consumes me 

I fear I’ve lost me

I know what it feels like to question yourself 

I do it more than i should 

Never appreciating the good 

But then again who would

Well i would if i could, if i could…

If i could I’d live life with you

Heal my insecurities make me feel whole

Heal my soul

Heal my insanities i feel are normal 

If only you were Jesus though 

But your only a reflection of his image 

Your love might be the answer 

But am i even good enough? 

To feel this love stuff 

But you’re enough, more than enough 

Last request of a dying man

Hold me till the end

Though its all in my head

You too, live there

That’s my positivity 

Your my inspirational healer of negativity 

I imagine…  


Naseema Omarjee (Matric farewell Prom)

Didn’t she look beautiful
I tried to find the words to express that
I found myself staring and disappeared alil
I was hypnotized or enchanted
All i know is i could help myself
I felt like i was looking at a shooting star 🌟 for that one magical moment, i saw it alone.
I saw Naseema Omarjee alone in my mind
Isolated all, and just saw her
The lights, were on her
Camera were shooting her
Run way held her up high
And i
In the side-lines smiling with such joy
Her matric farewell was beautiful
She was sooooooooooo beautiful
#MamSisilana Wekhaya Lethu 😇 💒 💕 💞 ❤


The Road (Lilo&Stitch) 👑

I’ve watched her eat hot wings
So slowly with such confidence
Stared at her like a stalker
She’d probably agree
Because the feeling was mutual
Mutually speaking we did the same thing
It was quiet cute actually
In actual fact that’s how we fell
Kept beautiful close eyes locked on each other
Though we was never always together
Our affection never decreased
Infact it quiet increased
And we did it all together
We made love like couples do
Planned our babies like couples do
Almost fell apart, but we stayed true
Situation of forevers opened
Devils plans to end us ended
And we’re growing daily
That was the true aim
Even people who didn’t love us, love us
Parents found out, my side was good
Her side hurt more than usual
But we was still inseparable
Though it seemed impossible
Moms anger endangering our compatibility
Tears of us almost ending, imagine!
All the time spent nd planned
Only to end just like that
Our time up like a final examination
That’s a pretty bad conclusion
But its a story of truthness
None shall ever end this
We fight, love and repeat such
That’s because we feel so much
Looking back at how far we r now
Its because of this love we found
We’re where we’re supposed to be
Together just you and me
This is our story Lilo&Stitch 👑


Michelle Omarjee 👑 (Birthday)


17 years and four months ago
You gave me some of your soul
The life force needed for my very first breathe
And i was held by your grace
Inherited this beautiful face
I aged you by a few
But you accepted and you knew
And i do thank you
Now that’s the 5th of July
Just as ceremonial as the fourth of July
We celebrate 🎉 your beautiful age
That time has kept you beautiful
Your are forever in my heart
No matter the struggle you faced before
Its me that will always adore
And the fight you have
Only made me love you more
Ow do live forever in my core
The birth of the Motherly Queen ♕
You are my pillar of strength
My weakness alongside wisdom
And i hope you make it into the kingdom
But for now live forever with me
Live forever in me
Live forever
ILoveYou mommy
Happy birthday 🎂 mommy 🙏
I hope the angels did bless you
As I’ve been blessed to be your daughter
The mother for I’m to become
Your my role model mother figure
I’ve learnt and still to learn more from you
The Birth of my goddess
My very one princess 👸
Special and true
Michelle Omarjee 👑

Father’s day ( Duke Ndwandwe)


Happy Father’s day baba……
All the years I’ve known you, you’ve been the best and have done the best for your family and I’ve watched nd learnt everything i need to learn to be a great man and one day a father to my own family… No matter the mistakes a man makes one thing is for sure you are a true reflection of the man i want to be when I’m older. My role model, father figure, one person who inspires me to be the best man for myself and my family… Father Duke Ndwandwe i am blessed to have you in my life and thank you for all the wisdom you give me i cherish and appreciate the time you give me and all the teachings as well. ILoveYou baba wami 😍 😘 😇

Long time (Naseema Omarjee)


I started browsing through your pictures
Hopping to find my inspirational life in you
That same feeling that blessed me when you become mine
How time has aged us together
Shaped us, modeled us, formed us
I mean we became us
Its been along time since I’ve seen you smile
When last did i hear your goofy laugh
The laugh funnier than the joke
And now thoughts of not seeing such makes me choke
Death be the hand of a heart stroke
Seriously where has that smile gone
It sang such a beautiful song
I remember those lips curve up for me
Welcomed me with open forevers
Its been a freaken long time coming
They say that every good thing has an ending
Well i ended my life with you
Fuck em stupid sayings
They don’t know the love you carry
They ain’t know the heart you carry
Carried my to be family, my seed
This was my dream and i do plead
Its been such a long time though
I still see you behind me in the mirror
They say you become your partner and look like siblings
Well sister look at you, looking at me of you
Uniquely speaking your my true reflection
The only unconditional lovely conclusion
I conclude this with you
How long ago thou
A long time ago
Its been a long time


They make music out there for ppl to listen too
I make poetry for ppl in here who can’t listen
Listen it’s simply a lesson
Even if i knew more i wouldn’t be able too
Distribute elaborate or portray
Same thing but different levels of understanding
Maybe one day I’ll comprehend my ending
But for now its jus all about the waiting
I feel so freaken empty
Emptied my soul emptied my all
Long time that thing called love was true
Emptied souls had soulmates
So they wasn’t soo empty after all
But now wen you fall
Who catches who but the ground
No matter how profound it might seem
Recognize the past seems like dream
As we look back on our tragic history
People out here manipulating our story
How we gonna learn and grow with such Truthful lies
Even waving your hands ain’t a signal of hopeful goodbyes
I lost my sight before i lost you
So i never saw you leave
I saw my own compatible reflection in you
Was it temporary or true
Who knows or even knew
That I’d be here questioning you
You felt like a Monday to me
Truly blue
R the skies even blue
Or is it jus the lies we believed
I mean we see the colour
But who told you that’s the coloure you see
Probably better if i blind myself
I mean I’d feel more and see less
Isn’t our true sight of touch
Mind touched
My mind is full

Sorry for my Mind

I took some time outta poetic conclusions
Made my own isolation of loneliness
Sorry for the distance
Sorry i wasn’t around for your beautiful posts
Sorry for not even being sorry

But I’m back on the attack
Did i even miss anything on my M.I.A
Investigating my disappearance C.I.A
Aren’t i beneath a microscope
People have seen my loss of hope
Still better than The F.B.I
Family cares more for I
I feel like this is my final salute
Sorry for the wait though

I hate this disappointment emitted off me
Using their five senses they smell it off me
Seeing this side of me they disgust me
Stop M.I.7ing me
I ain’t got no secrets and that’s a secret too
This investigating policy is pathetic
Can’t you chill, hold up till i notify you
People waiting on smartphone notifications
Problem is, too many smartphones not enough smartHumans
Enough said sorry for the truth
I’m sorry 🙏

Sight 💃


Maybe its the morning dew
Notifying us of a hot day
Maybe it’s sight that confirms such
That the sight of you is gonna be hot
The circulation of life
I see soo much life in you
That smile that makes me melt
If you was the sun and i was a caramel chocolate, well…..
Look you do shine bright
Well when i see you smile
That makes time freeze
Which is absurdly ridiculous
Cause time flies at sight of enjoyment
Fascinating, the enjoyment of time
Is the speed of life
That life passes by while that smile remains constant
As if its flawless
With its priceless moment
Evidently im weakened by it
Cursed to witness such greatness
Call it a painful blessing
With its blissful seduction
How your cheeks light up
Like the forth of July
Emitting such rays upon me
Curing me of any doubt of you
Seeing such purity from a smile
As your cheeks curve in
As if you have dimples
That’s beautiful
The fact that your beautiful without them
Yet still slightly portray them.
I look long and hard at you
Focus on your eyes
And see the brown, ebony beauty
Hazel caramel delight
I know i exaggerate
But passionately i praise
Affectionately i admire
That your face was definitely enough
Enough to subdue me
Darn that smile it angers me
Darn those eyes they anger me
Darn such, darn such
You’ve won a war
With just a smile and a look
Its a textbook assault
Perfectly executed
Such has been understood
Now Imagine more, imagine what more I’d see
If i looked at all of you
With a naked eye…



These moments of memories 
Signify or better yet leave trails of unity
Just you and me, us, we
I wish the world could see
The beauty and Queen you be
Of cause i can’t definitely never share you 
But the world will see your beauty 
Because you have me, all of me
All that’s left is my surname 
Give Omarjee her Sisilana 
Cause kwanele has his Naseema 
This is our magnificence 
Can you picture our significance 
The unity of our presence 
Changing time and space 
What’s slow is fast
Fast is slow, thats our power
That’s our Lilo&Stitch story 
In distance and lonely needs
We remain one till our meetings 
Because this is all real, us we you and me
I can’t stop ✋ such ascension
The growth, the love, heavens reach 
Heavens reach, heavens reach 
The depth of such love can never be measured 
But imagined, and i imagine you
The depth equals you
For your pure beauty in creation 
Pure love in explanation 
Your the lost treasure of the Heavens
Unseen and searched externally 
I alone, myself see the truth 
See the Lords very own Angel 
See the design in greatness 
Angels are God damn real
Because God gave me you
He gave me you
He made me you
I have you, i have you 

My declaration of affection towards this wonderful soul Naseema Omarjee❤❤❤